Andrea was born in Vienna and has been based in Berlin since 2012. Having lived in different places along the way she has always been surrounded by art and a vivid cultural life. 

Andrea is a trained Art Manager and Educator. She holds an MA in Exhibition and Museum Design. Over the past few years she has worked in different roles for high profile art institutions including the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Biennale di Venezia, the Hermann Nitsch Museum in Austria and Peres Projects in Berlin.

In 2017 Andrea started working as an Independent Art and Project Manager. For her first project she joined the Performance Training Team of documenta 14 and trained the exhibition’s guides on art education based on visual thinking strategies. Recent educational projects have included company art-excursions and museum tours for schools and private groups. She often collaborates with other cultural companies on educational projects.

As a Project Manager, Andrea has assisted the Bauhaus-Archiv in the planning of their annual Bauhaus Agenten Conference in Berlin. Additionally, she assisted artist Oscar Murillo in various organizational aspects during his participation at the Berlin Biennale in 2018. Andrea simultaneously worked with Peres Projects on curatorial liaison and traveled to international art fairs for the gallery.

Having worked in the art world for several years Andrea has broadened her understanding of the cultural sector. Recently, Andrea wrote an eBook called “Business Skills or Artists” to provide practical information to young and emerging artists about the art world and to assist them in navigating the business side of their career.