Company Art Excursions

The communication agency mc-quadrat planned to visit the internationally acclaimed art exhibition documenta in Kassel for their annual company excursion and I was asked to organize this two-day event.

To start off I arranged for transport, accommodation and pre-booked restaurants for the 25+ team. Once the groundwork for the trip was built, I was able to research in detail and come up with a bunch of ideas on how to engage the team in a fun, interesting and diverse art trip to Kassel.

I delivered an interactive tour visiting art works installed all over the city of Kassel. The tour included art insights, fun activities as well as the possibility for everybody to share their thoughts. In the afternoon the team had the chance to chat with the curatorial staff and ask any questions they might have about the exhibition and the art works. Before we closed the day with a private dinner on a boat I split the team up into three smaller groups to visit different museum locations. This activity was guided by carefully prepared assignments and time to reflect and discuss what we have seen and experienced afterwards.

For the second day I planned a visit of the historic sites at the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The team also had the chance to engage in games, sports or simply relax at the waterfront before heading to the top of the hill and enjoying a private picnic next to the impressive Hercules monument.

Im Idealfall überwältigt einen Kunst auf verschiedenen Ebenen: geistig, emotional und intellektuell. Doch wenn sich imRahmen der Documenta eine ganze Stadt gefühlt in ein Museum verwandelt, dann kann einen dies auch überfordern. Wie angenehm und wohltuend ist es da, von Andrea Marinkovits intelligent, charmant und bodenständig durch diese Nabelschau der internationalen Kunst geführt zu werden. Sie verleiht der Documenta das, was diesem Kunstzirkus selbst fehlte: eine unaufgeregte Auseinandersetzung inklusive Fokussierung auf die entscheidenden Details und klaren Botschaften. Dabei kommt auch der Blick links und rechts davon nicht zu kurz, was die Zeit in Kassel insgesamt zu einem wohltuend runden Erlebnis machte.

Daniel Ott, Senior Client Consultant | mc-quadrat, Berlin

Credits: Video and Images: ©mc-quadrat OHG, Berlin