eBook and Artist Coaching

Over the years I have met many artists throughout all stages of their careers. It seemed to me that they had all been well trained in their profession, they mastered techniques and experimented with different materials. Meanwhile they lacked practical information about how to navigate the art world properly and how to professionally manage themselves.

The idea to this eBook came up, because I wanted to change this situation. With this I hope to empower artists by providing practical information. In order to make them aware of possibilities they have not noticed before and to explain tools that might be new to them.

Based on the eBook I offer coaching sessions and art management training for visual artists and art students as well as universities in art business related matters.

The eBook is a genuine project of the heart, which is why I offer it free of charge to artists.

If you would like to receive a free pdf copy or would simply like to get in touch please email me directly at andrea.marinkovits@gmail.com

You can find a free online version of the eBook here: 

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Business Skills for artists is a clear and thorough checklist for emerging artists. Even if you think you’re doing everything you can, Andrea’s ebook will help you with all aspects of professional practice beyond the studio. 
Mark Jackson, Artist | London

Andrea’s practical handbook has been really insightful. It gets down to the grain industry standards and heartfelt advice in a direct and clear fashion, through practical guidelines for all practitioners alike of the art world. Highly recommended not only for emerging artists but to everyone interested in developing projects and supporting artists in the creative sector.
Alberto Morreo, Cultural Manager | Berlin

As we all know making art and doing business and presenting yourself are two different worlds. Your ebook and working with you really minimizes the anxiety and fear of this experience and makes this part of the art world more accessible. I feel really safe to have your knowledge packed in a file as my guide and i’ll forever use it. Thanks a lot for this ebook and your generosity
Oz Barak, Artist | Tel Aviv

I am so grateful to Andrea Marinkovits, who video chatted into the Artists Self-Promotion course that I lead for third and fourth year undergraduate students at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At 6pm Chicago / 1am Berlin, we discussed her original text “Business Skills for Artists: a practical handbook.” Andrea interacted so graciously and generously with the students, taking questions as she walked our group through each chapter of her book. Even virtually, she is one of the favorite guests that has joined into one of my classes.
Andrea is a fount of knowledge and experience, impressive and valuable to colleagues and students alike. Again, the students had such a positive response and high appreciation for this interaction! 
Asha Iman Veal, MFA MA, faculty in Arts Administration and Policy at School of the Art Institute of Chicago | Chicago

Thank you for speaking to us in the middle of the night. Your knowledge and insight was very much appreciated. I think your eBook is something that I will continue to refer back to during my time as a student and in my career after school!
Wyatt Johnston, Artist | Chicago

Thank you so much for doing this, your book has been such a fantastic read with great information that isn’t usually discussed at school. It tends to be the harder part of being an artist that people don’t typically talk about
Abigail Shute, Artist | Chicago

It’s so encouraging to find an industry expert in the art world who’s sharing their skills and knowledge to help artists advance their careers. The ebook is so incredibly useful in clarifying not only the ins and outs of setting up an exhibition, but also how to present both yourself and your work at a professional level. Whether you are just starting out and need further insight, or if you are already a working artist who needs a small refresher, this ebook is essential reading to help you further succeed.
Rima Musa, Artist | Norwich

Working with Andrea was a great experience. She is easy to talk to, very supportive and professional. She is extremely knowledgeable because of her background working for various galleries and museums. Her advice has been invaluable, especially regarding the specifics of the Berlin art scene.
Lisa Denyer, Artist | Berlin, Manchester